After “Disobedience”, the Chilean Sebastián Lelio remains in the United States by signing the remake of one of his own films. Worn by Julianne Moore, “Gloria Bell” is to be found in cinemas on the 1st of may next. After winning the Oscar for best foreign film with A woman is fantastic, and signed his first long-feature film in the English language (Disobedience with Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams), Sebastián Lelio continued his career in the United States with Gloria Bell, who is none other than the remake of his own film Gloria, which was released in 2014. These first images show a replay very faithful to the original. There follows a fiftieth anniversary, independent and single, well in its skin, which clings to the clubs of Los Angeles in search of adventures of a night. When she met Arnold, she leaves to go to a mad passion that disrupts her daily life. This situation makes him understand that she carries in it the necessary strength to overcome all the trials. March Films In the role of this bold Gloria, Julianne Moore is the successor to Paulina García won the Silver Bear for Best actress at the Berlin film Festival in 2013. We would soon be reunited with Moore in another remake, After The Wedding, after the drama from Susanne Bier with Mads Mikkelsen. In the Face of the actress and oscar winner, found John Turturro, currently in the credits of the series the Name of the rose, Michael Cera, and Holland Taylor. This is not the first time that a developer signs the remake of his own film intended for the american public. As well, Michael Haneke (Funny Games), Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge) or George Sluizer (The Man who wanted to know) have remade their own works. Gloria Bell comes out in theatres may 1, 2019.

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